99 Public Welfare Day - Longyuan "Love · Inheritance Month" Public Welfare Answer Sheet

Time : 2022-09-09

Another yearninety-ninePublic Welfare Day ", these days, friends are being brushed by the information of various public welfare activities.eightThe month is Longyuan's "Love · Inheritance Month", and Longyuan has also prepared a public welfare answer sheet.

In the past month, Longyuan people have made good intentions and love in the whole society through donations, donations, digital commonweal, voluntary activities, etc"Love · Inheritance Month" flows. During this period, there were nearlythree hundredPeople participated in public welfare activities and donated more thanthree hundred and seventyTen thousand yuan, exceeding aboutthree hundred0Kilometers... Let's take a look at the love of Long Yuanren.

Long Yuan Zhenyuan Charity Fund: a continuation of hometown love

staysevenmonthtwenty-sixAt the Xiangshan Charity Conference and the fifth member representative meeting of the Xiangshan Charity Federation held on August,, Longyuan Group once again joined hands with Xiangshan Charity Federation to continue to establish atenThe title fund of "Longyuan Charity and Poverty Relief" in, actively participated in the economic and social construction of his hometown.

早stay200sevenIn, Longyuan Construction Group donatedsix hundred万,stay象山慈善总会设立助困基金,用于家乡赈灾、助学、资助孤寡老人等。此次再与象山慈善总会续写家乡情缘,是贝博ballbet体育官网登录一直心系家乡、一路向善的不变初心。

"Love Rafting Bottle": Set sail with a full heart

sevenmonthfourteenOn August th, the Long Yuan Zhenyuan Charity Fund released a solicitation activity for "wish drifting bottles" to solicit small gifts for families and children from workers who have not returned home for a long time due to epidemic and work reasons.

The group headquarters, subsidiaries and project departments responded warmly. The workers wrote down their wishes one after another and attached their thoughts to their families.

eightmontheightOn the same day, the "Wish Drifting Bottle" was officially released through the small program, and soon received a positive response from everyone: several senior executives of the Group took the lead in supporting, and the staff, project managers and subordinate units also took action in succession to offer love in the name of individuals or groups.

Health care products for grandma, massager for parents and wives, razor for father, stationery, books, basketball for children... Love articles were sent from colleagues one after another, and soon set foot on the road to the workers' homes.


The temperature and love of Longyuan people are constantly transmitted to every corner.

Youth League Committee of the Group: gather every bit of power for digital commonweal

eightmonthfiveOn the tenth, the Youth League Committee of the Group launched the "Longyuan Micro Public Welfare: Start from Walking" public welfare donation activity through the "One Piece Walk" small program, and took the red cultural route again.

活动发起后,贝博ballbet体育官网登录青年热情高涨,除总部外,远stay全国各地的贝博ballbet体育官网登录同胞也远程助力,不到一周就完成了thirtyKilometers of walking tasks.

eightmonthnineteenThe Youth League Committee of the Group launched the second public welfare donation activity on the tenth, which also received the full support of everyone. endeightmonththirty-oneDay, totalone hundred and twentyPeople have joined in the walking activity, and the total walking time is aboutthree hundred0Km, donating green trees to the Alashan LeaguetenTree, donating lunch for rural schoolchildrenfive0Copies.

大地钢构的郑慧芳stay杭州也参与了这次捐步活动,一共走出约twelveWanbu is a walking targetthree倍。她说,通过运动捐步能够让乡村学童获得实stay的资助是很有意义的,是一举两得的事情。以后她也会通过这种捐步的形式,继续参与公益。

此外,不少贝博ballbet体育官网登录人也stay其他社交平台来奉献爱心:宁波分公司徐双友stay水滴筹平台为需要帮助的人进行捐款,总承包管理公司叶莉丽通过支付宝捐赠步数守护乡村温暖小家,还有很多人通过微博公益等方式为重庆山火救援、泸定地震赈灾等项目捐款... Digital public welfare is becoming the daily life of more and more Longyuan people.

Party Branch of General Contracting Management Company: Charity Sale Gathers Great Love

To actively respond to the Group“爱·传承month”的活动号召,总承包管理公司党支部携手团总支组织开展爱心义卖,员工家中闲置的生活用品、文具、小饰品等,都可以成为义卖物品,所得金额将用于“心愿漂流瓶”认领。最终,nineteenOf employeesfivesevenThe collection of items is completed, waiting for the new owner.

eightmonth2three日中午,总承包管理公司党支部stay集团总部一楼进行现场义卖,吸引了诸多同事的驻足选购。thirtyEmployees gave generously and completed about2three hundredYuan.

Yang Peijun, secretary of the Party branch of the General Contracting Management Company, said that the Group had heldThe theme cultural activity of "gratitude and inheritance" conveys the concept of "being good all the way and making a living", and affects every employee of the general contractor. This activity of the Party branch realized the reuse of idle goods, the new purchase of charity funds, and the "micro wish" of public welfare, which can be described as "killing three birds with one stone". The general contracting management company will also continue to actively organize and participate in corporate culture and public welfare activities, organically integrate with the party building work, and closely link enterprise development and employee growth.

Party branch of Jiangsu Company: Love donation grow together

eightmonth1eightOn March, the Party branch of Jiangsu Company responded to the call of the Group, organized and carried out the "Love Donation" activity, gathered all the strength of Jiangsu Company to help rural children "love reading", offer love and pass on love.

Jiangsu CompanysixteenColleagues actively participated in this activity and contributed books suitable for children, primary school and junior high schoolseven0The rest. The Party branch also made additional purchasesfive0More than two red classics.1thirtyMore than two books will be donated to Suguo P&G Hope Primary School in Kouzi Town, Yingdong District, Fuyang City through "Mutian Public Welfare".

Jiangsu Company的同事们还stay每一本书上贴上了寄语:“读万卷书,行万里路。”“只争朝夕,不负韶华。”“祝少年未来可期,愿一直行走stay热爱中。”祝福孩子们能够stay书本中汲取知识和力量,努力实现自己的梦想。

Quzhou District of Zhejiang Branch: helping needy students Help realize dreams

To actively participate in the sixth session of the Group“感恩与传承”主题文化活动,响应stayeightmonth“爱·传承month”投身公益事业的号召,集团浙江分公司衢州片区stay衢州智慧新城百家坊社区项目(一期)工程临时党支部成立仪式上,向衢州市红十字会定向捐赠“ninety-nine”Public welfare projectssix point six万Yuan.爱心善款将全部用于器官捐献困难家庭,帮助他们的子女照亮求学之路。

项目临时党支部书记表示,集团始终提倡要不忘初心,勇担社会责任。党支部将切实发挥引领作用,stay服务项目建设大局的大前提下,积极促进"Party building+In the form of "public welfare", we carried out public welfare activities such as volunteer service, pairing assistance, and love to help students, and inherited the great love of Longyuan.

Although Longyuan's“爱·传承month”已经落下帷幕,但公益之路没有终点。stay今天这个特殊的日子里,贝博ballbet体育官网登录stay此呼吁:让公益作为一种习惯,让善举成为一项日常,每个人都能成为公益之路上的一束光芒。